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2012 Award Winners  (more)

We Welcome 7 Phikeia!  (more)

Congrats to our 13 scholarship winners!   (more)

We welcome 10 new Phis!  (more)

We welcome 18 Phikeia!  (more)

Rush Phi Delt! Fall 2012 Recruitment Schedule released!  (more)

Congrats to our graduating Phis!  (more)

Good luck to all of our new officers!  (more)

Congratulations to our nine new Phis!  (more)

Phi Delt's host "Price is Right" to raise money for ALS  (more)

Raising money for the disabled and river clean up.  (more)

We Welcome 12 Phikeia!  (more)

Phi Delt's hearts and prayers for late President Milton Glick.  (more)

Nevada Alpha Receives $26,000 Rebate from NV Energy For Green Initiative  (more)

Congratulations to our 6 new Phis!  (more)

Valentine's Day/ New Phikeia/ IFC  (more)

Rush Spring 2011 Schedule  (more)

Rush Recruitment 2011  (more)

Nevada Alpha Phis show off their moves for toys for children  (more)

Congrats to Our New Exec Board!  (more)

Congratulations to Our 14 New Phis!  (more)

Nevada Alpha Phi Is Elected 2010 Homecoming King!  (more)

16 New Phikeia!  (more)

2010 Fall Rush Schedule  (more)

2010 Emerging Leaders Institute a Success  (more)

Nevada Alpha represented in 78th Biennial Convention   (more)

Summer is here, and Phi Delta Theta has exciting summer ahead!  (more)

Phi Delta Theta Works Towards Saving the Lives of Dogs in the Reno Area  (more)

Congratulations to your New Executive Board/President.  (more)

Phi Delt Spring Semester GPA ranked above All-Male Average, All-Undergrad Average.  (more)

12 new Phikeia  (more)

Brothers Connolly and Barmore attend the Emerging Leaders Institue in Oxford, Ohio  (more)

Congrats to our Newest Alumni!  (more)

24 Hours Quiet Time at PhiDelt  (more)

Chapter Advisory Board Off to a Great Start  (more)

Welcome Alumni to Founders Day!  (more)

Congratulations to our Sigma class!  (more)

Rush Schedule  (more)

Fall 2008 in Review  (more)

PBS Community Service  (more)

Congratulations to Collin Emmerson, Averill Kelley, and Blake Krek for Graduating!  (more)

Study Hours  (more)

Congratulations To our New Exec  (more)

Phi Delta Theta 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off 11/18  (more)

Congratulations to our 16 new members!!  (more)

Phi Delt is Hungry like the Wolf  (more)

Nevada Alpha has an amazing fall recruitment  (more)

Class of 2012 Freshman Orientation  (more)

77th Biennial General Convention for Phi Delta Theta  (more)

Nevada Alpha Chater of Phi Delta Theta wins awards from General Headquaters.  (more)

A Chapter Member's Outlook After an International Leadship Conference  (more)

Fall Recruitment COMING UP!  (more)

Phi Delt wins Chapter of the Year, Academic Excellence Awards.  (more)

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